Security camera reviews

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security camera reviewsWhat are the functions that good security cameras should have? Thanks to the internet, you now have access to every kind of information you need, and this includes security camera reviews. Home security systems are must haves these days, it is no longer enough that you place additional locks on your doors and bars on your windows, criminals can still find creative ways to bypass your security measures.

On the other hand, if they notice that you have a good security system in place, they will have second thoughts about breaking into your home. However, how can you tell if a system is enough to provide you with the protection that you need.

According to most security camera reviews, you have to look for a couple of important features, and they are:


If you are like most homeowners, you will most likely want your cameras installed outside and trained on the perimeter surrounding your house, and this is why you will need a camera that can withstand the elements and still capture clear videos. Thankfully, most cameras nowadays come with some degree of weatherproofing, but it is best that you get the ones that are specifically made for the kind of weather your area experiences. For instance, some cameras can withstand monsoon rains while some can operate even when it’s freezing outside.

Low-light functionality

You don’t really need night-vision security cameras for your home, but it does help if the camera you do get can still capture quality images even in low-light conditions. If you always leave the yard on all night, cameras with 0.01 lux ratings are fine, if not then choose a camera with a 0.001 lux rating. If the camera you get can capture clear videos at night then you can also be sure that it can get high quality footage during the daytime.


If you are planning on installing around half a dozen cameras all over your property then you will most likely be using a whole lot of wires, that is, if you will be going the traditional route. On the other hand, you can choose wireless security cameras so you don’t have to bother with hundreds of feet of wiring. The only problem is that several security camera reviews say that the functionality of wireless cameras tend to dip when the weather outside is not that great.

If you can manage to find most, if not all of these features in a security camera system then you should consider getting it immediately. Criminals nowadays are a whole lot more creative and crafty than they used to be, so you have to be a step ahead of them at all times. If you are still wondering what system to buy, you can find plenty of security camera reviews online that will make your decision a little bit easier.