Installing Home Security Systems

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There is no doubt that having a high level of home security is prioritized by every family. However, before calling a security company to look at their different packages, it is just right to check the advantages and disadvantages of owning one first.

1. Protects your family, property and valuables

Many home security systems can make your property impenetrable from intruders, protecting your family and valuables alike. They serve as your first line of defense, which may be less corruptible than human security.

2. Provides an eye for you wherever you are, whenever you need it

IP security systems allow you to check your property anywhere in the world as long as there is internet connection. A set of security cameras that feed live images to you serves as your eye.

3. Prevents crime from happening

A 2009 study found out that the number of home security systems in a community determines the crime rate in that area. Many criminals are discouraged from doing something wrong upon seeing security cameras and alarm systems. Even if they try, a reliable system can still prevent it from happening.

4. Allows you to control your house remotely

Some security cameras pan, tilt and zoom however you need it. More advanced systems also allow you to control locks, alarms, water sprinklers, vaults, and thermal scanners remotely, and trigger the authorities without calling.

5. Speeds up the response of authorities

You can connect this to a security agency, police station, or fire station for real time alarm signaling. Taking away the need for reporting allows the authorities to respond quickly, possibly saving life and property in the process.

6. Lowers house insurance premium

Do you know that insurance companies charge a lower amount when your home is already secured? You get to save a lot of money from your monthly premiums.

7. Alerts for fire and gas leak

Fire and gas leaks are more dangerous than any thief. They can instantly cause damage, inflict injury and take life. A reliable security system at home can alert you right away to prevent fire and gas leaks from worsening. They can also respond automatically by activating water sprinklers and exhaust fans.

8. Helps you detect electrical problems

Thermal scanner can detect if some areas in the house register higher heat signature. This is a sign of an electrical problem or wrong placement of appliances.

9. Gives you peace of mind

Home security helps avoid overthinking and worrying. Don’t you want to live with less stress and focus on the more important things in life?

1. Costs several hundred to thousands of dollars

Buying a security system alone can already cut a huge portion from your savings. The advanced ones with more features and capabilities cost more than the basic ones. Sometimes, the installation fee is not yet included.

2. Requires costly maintenance

Almost all kinds of home security systems require regular maintenance, not only to ensure that they work but also to prevent damages, especially to those that are exposed to different elements. The more complicated the system is, the more intricate its maintenance requirements are.

3. Possible difficult to operate at first

Operating a home security system is not like using Facebook for the first time. There may be a lot of components to remember, especially if the system also runs remote access software and cellular chip.