Four Types of Alarm Systems

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Alarm systems are the most commonly used security systems in the world. Lots of types are affordable and many of them only require DIY installation. What type of alarm system do you need exactly?

1. Burglar alarm system

This type safeguards your property from thieves and intruders. Some burglar alarm systems can be easily installed and integrated with locks, but more efficient systems connect with security agencies and police stations via a wireless server or cellular chip. The wireless type is more recommended because it prevents criminals from disrupting the alarm signal.
A burglar alarm system can be a combination of several security systems.

Its most common components are video monitoring systems to allow the operator to see his property in real time, sirens that serve as the frontline alarm signal, motion detectors that may be composed of a thermal scanner and a high-grade security camera with scanning function, door and windows sensors to detect any breakage or impact made to any possible way in, and intercoms to allow communication from any point within the property.

2. Fire alarm system

All business establishments are required to have this alarm system in most states in the country. As the name implies, it detects signs of smoke within the property through smoke detectors installed on ceilings and walls. A manual trigger is also installed in common areas for fast warning in case of emergency.

Advanced fire alarm systems nowadays feature heat detection even without visible smoke. This allows for a more accurate and early detection. With internet connection, it can be manually turned off by an operator located elsewhere, which is important to control false alarms. Those with water sprinklers are also automatically activated when the fire alarm system is activated. Many security agencies and fire stations are also automatically connected to the fire alarm systems of many business establishments for faster response.

3. Car alarm system

Most car insurance companies now require every enrolled car to have some sort of car alarm system. You often hear this from vehicles that have been hit, undergone vibration without turning the engine on, forcefully entered by picking the locks or breaking the window, and moved from one place to another. The high-pitched siren turns on while the headlights flash nonstop. More advanced car alarm systems nowadays already include a wireless engine control feature to allow the owner to forcefully stop the engine when thievery is detected. This prevents the thief from using the vehicle any further.

Additional features also include GPS detection and automatic notification via the internet to alert the owner that something may be wrong.

4. Civil defense siren

This is basically the siren used in a burglar alarm system, only louder and bigger. The alarm can reach up to 135 decibels, which is enough to alert an entire community that something is wrong. Some businesses that house flammable and dangerous materials have already taken the initiative to install civil defense sirens. This is to warn the public and prevent huge damages should a security breach or fire be detected.